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Our goal is to discover and develop mineral resources in a responsible manner and with a deep respect for our workers, neighboring communities, and our environment.


We are committed to environmental stewardship and to providing long-lasting economic and social benefits to our communities.  

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Highland Copper is committed to a transparent and responsive relationship with the communities we are a part of. In developing and fostering that relationship, we have been in an active dialogue with all of the local, regional and state elected officials in our project area. We have received resolutions of support from all our government officials and the community organizations who are part of the Western UP and are enjoined in the efforts to improve the quality of life for our current and future residents. From city councils to county boards, from conservation groups to business leaders, the project has received outstanding support, and continues to partner with all to advance the quality of life for those who work and play in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


We recognize that our success not only depends on the results of our exploration and development programs, but also on maintaining our social license to operate from our workers, the local communities, local, state, and tribal governments, as well as other stakeholders. We intend to foster open communications and transparency during all phases of the development and reclamation of our projects. We will meet all stakeholders to explain our activities, objectives, and the opportunities that our activities can provide. We will listen, share monitoring data with, and take into account the concerns of all stakeholders.

We aim to minimize our projects’ impacts, and to protect the natural resources of the Lake Superior Basin by supporting the goals, strategies and recommendations of the binational agreements governing water quality and ecosystem management. We will endeavor to help restore and preserve areas beyond our projects’ footprints by providing expertise and resources to watershed stakeholders in the Western UP with a particular interest in the restoration of historically impacted areas.


Our sincerest hope is that our presence will have a positive impact on the communities of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.