Responsible Mining

The right way to mine.

ESG with purpose.

As a development-stage copper mining company, we believe that Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is inextricably linked to our company’s success. We recognize the importance of establishing a strong ESG approach to deliver sustainable returns for our investors, as well as for our workforce and the communities in which we operate.

Transparency and accountability are critical to ensuring our ESG approach drives meaningful results. We will continue to assess and refine our ESG approach at every stage of the mining lifecycle, particularly as the Copperwood and White Pine North projects enter construction and production.

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Real stewardship.

At Highland Copper, we are committed to environmental stewardship and to designing, developing, operating, and eventually closing our sites in a highly responsible manner. Through our projects in Michigan, we strive to develop a source of responsibly produced domestic copper—a critical material recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy—that supports the transition to a lower carbon economy and builds the United States’ resilience to potential supply chain disruptions.

As stewards of the Lake Superior Watershed, we are committed to proactive water management. Moreover, we are dedicated to strong environmental monitoring practices and continued compliance with all our environmental obligations. All mining has impacts on the environment. Our goal is to minimize the potential impacts of our projects by preserving ecosystems through proven mitigation methods and establishing conservation areas wherever necessary.

Building community.

Positioned to become a key employer in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, we aim to offer meaningful employment to residents, generate growth for local businesses, and prioritize the well-being of our employees and their communities. By engaging in regular transparent dialogue and collaborating with our local communities, we will build a future where responsible mining practices contribute not just to local economic growth, but to the overall health and vitality of everyone.

Our strategy is to engage with local communities through regular meetings. We know that emphasizing transparency and continuous communication will help us develop strong relationships as we work to ensure our projects contribute positively to the socio-economic fabric of the U.P. region. We’re grateful for the strong license to operate we’ve been granted by the region—demonstrated by formal resolutions of support from all the townships in Gogebic County and numerous other entities from neighbouring counties. We won’t let them down.

Initiatives to date.

Made in Michigan.

Highland Copper engaged Public Sector Consultants, a respected firm based in Lansing, to perform an Economic Contribution Analysis, based on expenditure projections from the Copperwood Project Feasibility Study Update issued in 2023. The model estimates direct, indirect and induced economic contributions of the Copperwood Project to the economies of the Upper Peninsula and of the State of Michigan during construction, as well as the annual economic contribution of the operating mine if Highland proceeds with the development. The results are impressive.

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